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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Series 8 Prerelease

Dragon Ball Super Series 8 Prerelease

Join us for the exciting prerelease for Dragon Ball Super Card Game’s Series 8–Malicious Machinations! Each player will receive a Series 8 prerelease kit which includes 6 series 8 boosters and 2 special prerelease boosters. Players will build a 40 card deck with which to play in a casual tournament. Continue reading »

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Cool New Glass Tumblers with Our Logo

Glass Tumbler

We just got in a shipment of very cool new glass tumblers with our logo. These will be among the door prizes at this weekend’s Magic: the Gathering prerelease events, as well as available for sale. Continue reading »


20% Off Sale – Magic Singles Through August 4, 2019

20% off Sale Magic Cards Banner

20% Off Sale All “single” Magic cards through Sunday, August 4, 2019! Continue reading »

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Black Friday Sale–through Monday 11/26!

Black Friday Sale Sign - Text provided on page

Black Friday Sale! November 21 to November 25, 2018 10% off Asmodee Bestsellers List 15% Off All Games Workshop Products 20% Off Asmode Active List* 25% Off EVERYTHING Else** * Including, but not limited to, Fantasy Flight games and games like Catan ** No discount on food or drinks Continue reading »

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WizKids Paintable Miniatures Are Now In Stock!

WizKids Paintable Miniatures 1

We are pleased to bring in the full range of WizKids paintable miniatures to complement our existing line of Reaper’s Bones line. The new miniatures include two or more miniatures per blister pack, at only $3.99 per pack. Continue reading »

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Closed Today

An empty snowy road

Due to the blizzard, the Relentless Dragon is closed today.  Please stay safe and warm! Continue reading »

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Bulk Magic: the Gathering Rares – Now $0.75 in 2017!

Pile of Magic cards, all showing their backs

Great news! We have repriced all of our bulk Magic: the Gathering rares from $1.00 to $0.75 each for the new year. Get 25% more Magic for your buck! 🙂 Continue reading »

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New! Buy Dice by the Cup

fish tank full of dice

You can never have too many dice! Whether you’re looking to start your first dice collection or add to an existing large collection, we’ve got you covered! You can buy from our new dice tank a scoop at a time! We have 12-ounce cups available which you can use to scoop up a rounded cup […] Continue reading »

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Grand Re-Opening D&D Epic Adventure!

Grand Re-Opening!

In celebration of the newly expanded gaming space at The Relentless Dragon, we are presenting a Dungeons & Dragons Epic adventure! This is a cooperative, multi-table event where the victories and failures at one table can affect what happens at another. We need to have at least 10 tables of adventurers for this event, so […] Continue reading »

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The Relentless Dragon 2016 “State of the Dragon Address”

Decorative 2016

The close of a year and the start of a new year is always an exciting time. I thought that I would take some time to share with you all how things went in 2015 and some of the exciting things to look forward to in 2016. I apologize in advance if this is very […] Continue reading »