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Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game

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What is Dungeons & Dragons?

Dungeons & Dragons is a game with a long and rich history. The first D&D game hit the shelves in 1974, and in the 45-plus years since then has proven itself a solid, wholesome game with awesome staying power. The current edition, 5th Edition, was released in mid-2014, and has garnered an amazing following. A typical game consists of a “Dungeon Master” (DM), who serves as a storyteller and helps guide the three to seven players (“player characters” or “PCs”) on their journeys through fantastic worlds that change with every game and every choice the players make. In this way, it is sort of like a live Choose Your Own Adventure book that you can enjoy with friends.

Who Can Play?

Anyone who has a basic grasp of math and reading can play. Even mature kindergartners, when supervised by experienced players and a patient DM, can enjoy the game. At The Relentless Dragon, we limit our in-store tables to individuals in fifth grade and higher, and ask that kids at the lower end of this range be accompanied at the table by a parent. There is no upper age limit. The Independent shared a story of a man who tweeted the saga of his grandmother, who started playing Dungeons & Dragons at age 75. We currently have store-sponsored tables with individuals ranging from mid-teens to senior citizens. In the larger world, celebrities as diverse as actors Wil Wheaton and Vin Diesel, as well as athletes Tim Duncan and Curt Schilling enjoy the game!

What do I need to get started?

For your very first game, just drop in to the store several minutes before a scheduled event. It would be helpful for you to buy a set of dice (available in-store for as little as $3.50), but for  your first game, you can probably borrow a set from the Dungeon Master. A pencil would also be helpful, if you remember it. After a couple sessions, which last around three hours each, you will probably want to purchase a couple sets of dice, a dice bag, and a Player’s Handbook. If you’re playing at home, get started with a Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, and later move up to acquiring the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Weekly Events


Dungeons & Dragons on Tuesdays

Location: Nashua    Event Starts at: 6:00 p.m.


Dungeons & Dragons on Wednesdays

Location: Nashua    Event Starts at: 6:00 p.m.