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Homeschool Friendly!

Kids learning with dice

The Relentless Dragon is homeschool-friendly! We are homeschoolers, and love to see other homeschoolers drop in. We have, in the past, hosted weekly homeschool get-togethers during the day, and would be happy to do so again. With seating for over 50 people, there is always plenty of space during the day!

Our selection of specialty dice might be of particular interest to homeschoolers–we carry dice that are useful in not just math, but geography and language arts, as well.

How can board games be used effectively in homeschooling?

Board games can be an effective and engaging tool in homeschooling. Here are some ways in which board games can be used:

  1. Reinforce learning: Board games can reinforce learning by providing a fun way for children to review and practice what they have learned. For example, a game like Scrabble can help children improve their spelling and vocabulary skills, while a game like Monopoly can teach children about money management and basic math concepts.

  2. Encourage critical thinking: Many board games require players to use critical thinking skills to make decisions and solve problems. Games like Chess, Catan, and Ticket to Ride can help children develop strategic thinking skills.

  3. Promote social skills: Board games can also help children develop important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Playing board games with others encourages turn-taking, active listening, and respectful communication.

  4. Introduce new concepts: Board games can be used to introduce new concepts or topics to children. For example, the game Pandemic can teach children about public health and disease prevention, while the game Forbidden Island can introduce children to environmental concepts like conservation and teamwork.

  5. Provide a break from traditional learning: Board games can also provide a break from more traditional forms of learning and can be a fun way to reinforce and review concepts that children have already learned.

When selecting board games for homeschooling, it is important to choose games that are age-appropriate and align with the learning goals for the child. It can also be helpful to choose games that are interactive, engaging, and require critical thinking.