What is the Relentless Dragon?

We are a family-owned family-friendly game store in Nashua, New Hampshire!

If you’ve never been in a “friendly local game store,” here’s an explanation: Game stores are different from other stores—our customers don’t just come in, buy something, and leave. They come in, sit down at one of the many tables in our gaming area, and stay for a few hours playing games of their choice. Sometimes they buy something, sometimes they don’t—it’s nice, though, to at least buy a drink or snack if you’re going to hang out for a while! We offer a small selection of snacks and a good selection of beverages, including Surge, regular soda like Mountain Dew and Coke, water, and Gatorade—all at reasonable prices!

If you are an experienced game store denizen, you pretty much know what to expect, though we are a little bit brighter and less smelly than some stores… our customers tell us they like it. 😉

The Relentless Dragon is owned by Jay and Erika. The Relentless Dragon came about in October 2008 when Jay and Erika purchased the Silver Dragon (in Amherst, NH) from its previous owner. As the name couldn’t come with the purchase, we had to choose a new name. We previously owned a game store, Relentless Games, so we took an element from that and an element from Silver Dragon to create The Relentless Dragon.

We subsequently moved the store to Nashua from Amherst in 2009, to be closer to home as well as to the students at Nashua Community College. Moving to Nashua also made us more accessible to our customers who are vehicularly challenged, as the Nashua City Bus stops just a bit down the road from our store.

In November 2014, we made a move only ten numbers down the street, from 493 to 483 Amherst Street. The move increased our space by 500 square feet, and enabled us to provide a brighter space for playing, along with a dramatically increased selection of board games.

In the spring of 2016, we expanded into the space next to ours, which doubled our square footage, and allowed us to create a private gaming room, as well as install two dedicated 4′ x 6′ miniature wargaming tables. The new expanded store is AMAZING! Come on in and check it out! 🙂