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Trading Card Singles FAQ

The Relentless Dragon’s collectible card game inventory is maintained in an online-accessible inventory system provided by  This page will answer frequently asked questions regarding our TCG inventory.

What is your inventory system?

We use a system provided by, called TCGplayer Pro.  This system allows us to maintain consistent inventory across our in-store and online offerings.

What card games does it include?

We currently have inventory for Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, and a small smattering of other games, such as Flesh and Blood.

How do I access your inventory?

There are several ways to access our current inventory.  In-store, we provide two computer kiosk systems that are locked to our TCGplayer Pro store.  You can browse cards and prices, and add them to a cart to be pulled for purchase.  You can also access our inventory from the convenience of your home or even from your mobile device.  Simply browse to and you will automatically be redirected to our inventory. For best pricing on our cards, please use this link or the in-store kiosks.

Do I have to pay from the Kiosk or website?

No.  When checking out, simply select “In-store pickup” and then “Pay Later”.  We will pull your cards and you can pay at the register as you would for any other purchase. Please be sure to alert an employee when you’ve submitted your order, we don’t get an obvious alert otherwise.

I don’t want to leave my house, can you ship them to me instead?

Of course!  Simply select “Standard” or “Expedited” shipping options and we will ship your cards with the same care as we send all of our TCGplayer packages.

I see a card in the display case, but it’s not in inventory, what gives?

Because our inventory is shared between in-store and online, it is possible that the card you are looking at has already sold online, but has not yet been picked for shipping. Or, it could simply be an error.  Ask an employee and we’ll check that out for you.

Where can I find the cards from the inventory system?

In order to maintain the integrity of inventory, all inventoried cards are kept behind the counter. Cards $5 and up and in the display cases for easy browsing, and all other cards are stored alphabetically in our storage drawers.

Why does this card seem so overpriced?

All of our TCG inventory is priced by hand. Cards go up or down in value over time. It is possible that the card you are looking at has dropped in value since it was added to inventory.  If something seems off to you, let us know. We will happily reprice a card if there is an error. And don’t worry, we won’t raise the price while you are deciding to buy something!

I found your listings on the TCGplayer Marketplace and the prices are much higher, why?

Because of the cost of envelopes, postage, and fees involved, our prices on the TCGplayer Marketplace are higher than our in-store prices.  When you use our kiosks, or the interface, you will always receive the lower in-store pricing.

What’s with the little colored stickers on the card sleeves?

We use colored stickers to differentiate card conditions.  We use TCGplayer’s standard system of conditioning, from Near Mint (green dot), to Slightly Played (yellow dot), to Moderately Played (pink dot), to Heavily Played (orange dot), to Damaged (red dot).  There are a couple of handy reference cards on the display cases if you can’t remember all of that.

What happens if I don’t agree with your conditioning of a card?

Ask us!  We are all human and mistakes can be made, especially when hundreds or thousands of cards pass through our hands every day. We’ll look at the card with you and explain why we feel it is graded the way it is, or adjust the grading as necessary.