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Pokémon League in Southern New Hampshire

Pokemon League - Official League Location

Pokémon League on Saturdays!

Official League Play at our store in Nashua, New Hampshire, is every Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What is a Pokémon League?

Pokémon League is a casual gathering for players interested in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon video games.  Players gather weekly to trade, do battle, and socialize with fellow players.  Skill levels range from beginners to championship-level players. League is a great way to meet fellow Pokémon aficionados and to grow your knowledge and skills.

How much does Pokémon League cost?

Regular League play at The Relentless Dragon is FREE. Occasionally, we also host League Challenge events, prerelease events, and other activities which do have an entrance fee and associated prizes.

Are there any prizes for League participants?

League participants will receive special “Play Pokémon Prize Packs”, while supplies last. 

What about parents?

Parents of younger children, or those who require direct adult supervision, are welcome to stay during League. Parents may choose to participate in League or do other activities.  There are also multiple restaurants in the area. Parents of older children who are fine without close adult supervision may drop their well-behaved children off. Please be sure to leave them with a way to contact you!

What if my child doesn’t know how to play?

If you or your child does not yet know how to play the game, there is ample opportunity to learn. League Organizers are happy to teach kids and parents the ins and outs of the game during regular League meetings.