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Dice and Dice Bags

Photo of a black velvet dice bag spilling out a set of metal dice

So many dice . . . So little time!

Can there possibly be such a thing as too many dice? We carry a huge selection of hundreds of different types of dice, ranging from plain ’ole white acrylic cubes with black pips to oversized polyhedral resin dice with actual pieces of candy embedded in them! Among other dice we carry are various metal dice, soft plush 20-sided dice nearly a foot in diameter, and a variety of educational dice appropriate for teachers and homeschoolers.

We have the largest selection of dice and dice accessories in New Hampshire. Some of the brands we carry include Chessex, HengDa, Udixi, Halfsies, Zucati, Koplow, Q Workshop, Ultra Pro, The Gallant Hand’s Gamers Gear, Red King Co., and more!

Polyhedral Dice Set

Polyhedral (Multi-sided) Dice

Polyhedral dice come in a variety of side-numbers, from 3-sided (usually a 6-sided die numbered 1-3 twice) to 120-sided. We sell them individually, as well as in sets appropriate for different games. The photo to the left, of Chessex-brand opaque dice, represents a typical set of dice for a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons. If you, or someone you are purchasing dice for, plays D&D, you’ll need these seven dice, which include a d4 (4-sided), a d6, a d8, a d10, a 10-sided percentile die, a d12, and a d20. Typically, one set is sufficient to get started, but as a player’s character-level advances, it may be desirable to possess multiple sets for those high-damage rolls. Fortunately, dice can be quite affordable. Our boxed sets start at $3.50 and come in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which are shown below. Drop into the store to see them in person! Also, check out our selection of educational dice.


Assortment of Polyhedral Dice


No one can ever have too many dice . . . ever!

D&D players and dice collectors everywhere