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Magic: Commander 2013 Pre-Orders

Magic: the Gathering Commander 2013 Logo

Five brand new decks filled with cards for Commander! Commander is one of the most popular multiplayer Magic formats and enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting new cards and decks–their wait will soon be over! Each of these new Commander offerings includes a 100-card preconstructed deck and three oversized, foil legendary commander cards (that also appear […] Continue reading »

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Theros Game Day Events Saturday October 19th and Sunday October 20th

Theros Game Day Banner

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global scale with the newest cards. The following sets are Standard legal: Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon’s Maze, Magic 2014 Core Set, and Theros. All participants receive an exclusive Phalanx Leader full-art promo card (while supplies last). The Top 8 players each […] Continue reading »

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Theros Prerelease Events Saturday September 21st through Sunday September 22nd

Theros Prerelease Banner

Theros, the newest Magic: the Gathering set, and the first set in the Theros Block will celebrate its coming release with a number of pre-release events on Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd. Theros is a large set and represents players introductions to the plane of Theros, a plane loosely based on Greek and […] Continue reading »

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Magic Celebration Saturday September 7th

Magic Celebration - September 7

Magic Celebration is a great way to celebrate your favorite game! Enjoy an event courtesy of Wizards of the Coast at the Relentless Dragon. Play a special limited format of Magic at no cost and walk away with some free cards, compliments of Wizards of the Coast! In addition, players of Duels of the Planeswalkers […] Continue reading »


From the Vault: Twenty

Front the Vault: Twenty logo

From the Vault: Twenty (FTV:20) releases this Friday August 23rd. FTV:20 is the sixth From the Vault set and the first to raise the number of cards in the set from 15 to 20. FTV:20 is designed to showcase cards from Pro Tour or World Championship decks over the past twenty years of Magic’s history. […] Continue reading »


Gatecrash Prerelease Events!

Gatecrash is the second set in the wildly popular Return to Ravnica block. The first set, Return to Ravnica quickly became one of the three highest selling Magic sets in history based on the popularity of returning to the all-city plane of Ravnica. The plane of Ravnica was last visited in 2003’s iconic Ravnica: City […] Continue reading »

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Return to Ravnica Booster Box Presales

Return to Ravnica logo

Return to Ravnica will be released the first week of October. Return to Ravnica (RTR) is the most hotly anticipated Magic release in many, many years. The original Ravnica: City of Guilds was one of, not the most popular Magic sets in history. RTR brings the Magic game back to the city-plane of Ravnica with […] Continue reading »

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Dark Ascension Prerelease

Dark Ascension Logo

Dark Ascension is the 2nd set in the highly-popular Innistrad block. Innistrad’s gothic horror theme has struck a resonant chord in many players, setting it on the path to easily become Magic’s best-selling set of all-time. Innistrad also broke down many barriers, including the hallowed Magic card back–introducing Double-Faced Cards (DFCs). DFCs have proved to […] Continue reading »

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