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Patrick Merrill Wins Fate Reforged Game Day

Patrick Merrill holding the Fate Reforged Game Day Playmat

Saturday’s Game Day was won by Patrick Merrill. Patrick conquered a field of 13 competitors through 4 rounds of Swiss play and 3 rounds of single-elimination! Continue reading »

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Fate Reforged Game Day – February 14th and 15th

Fate Reforged Game Day Playmat

What is the Fate Reforged Game Day? Fate Reforged Game Day is a special Standard tournament that takes place February 14–15 at local stores all over the world. These one-day events give players a chance to see the new cards in action in Standard Constructed. Fate Reforged Game Day events are Swiss-style tournaments. Every participant […] Continue reading »

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Fate Reforged Launch Party

Fate Reforged Banner

Celebrate the worldwide launch of Fate Reforged, the 2nd set in Tarkir block with a 2-Headed Giant Sealed Deck event on Sunday January 25th. Event registration will begin at 11AM and 1st round seatings will begin at Noon (12:00PM). What is 2-Headed Giant Sealed? This format combines the team based 2-Headed Giant format with the […] Continue reading »

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