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Fate Reforged Game Day – February 14th and 15th

WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Fate Reforged Game Day Playmat

Event Date: February 14, 2015 WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Event Start Time: 11:00 a.m.

Event End Time: Unspecified (perhaps due to variability)

Event Cost: $26

What is the Fate Reforged Game Day?

Fate Reforged Game Day is a special Standard tournament that takes place February 14–15 at local stores all over the world. These one-day events give players a chance to see the new cards in action in Standard Constructed. Fate Reforged Game Day events are Swiss-style tournaments.

Every participant in a Fate Reforged Game Day event receives a full-art promo Mardu Shadowspear. Players compete in a predetermined number of Swiss rounds, and then tournament cuts to a Top 8 single-elimination playoff. All Top 8 players will receive a premium full-art Supplant Form promo card.

Fate Reforged Promos

The winner at the end of the single-elimination playoff matches will receive a special Champion playmat to represent his or her victory at the Game Day event!

Store credit prizes will also be awarded to top participants.

Registration begins at 11:00AM and the 1st round will begin at Noon. The cost to enter is $10.