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Ixalan Store Championship

Ixalan Store Championship Banner

Become The Relentless Dragon Store Champion and win awesome prizes. The top player will not only take the title of Store Champion for the next year, but will also get a sweet playmat featuring a full map of Ixalan. The top 8 players will all receive an exclusive deck box, and all participants will receive […] Continue reading »

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Magic Ixalan Prerelease Events

Ixalan Banner

Ixalan is the latest set for Magic: the Gathering, and the first set in Ixalan block. Ixalan is a wild plane, the home of dinosaurs, merfolk, and the abode of pirates. Double-faced cards make a return in Ixalan, with a twist–all double-faced cards are artifacts which flip into lands with a beautiful new card style! […] Continue reading »

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