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Identifying Early Pokémon Cards: Base Set Machamp

Machamp, the four-armed Fighting type Pokémon, is a card that defies all of the standards laid out in our Identifying Early Pokemon Cards article. Base Set Machamp confuses many people. Many believe that their Machamps are worth large sums of money. Perusing eBay, one can find many examples of listings for Machamp upwards of $500 and […] Continue reading »

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Pokémon Card Game in Nashua, New Hampshire

  Click for information about playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game at The Relentless Dragon! Click for information about identifying your Pokémon trading cards. The Pokémon trading card game is twenty-five years old, and more popular than ever before! When you play, you assume the role of a Pokémon trainer and use your Pokémon to […] Continue reading »

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