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This post is at least a year old. Please take that into consideration when reading it.

We will be re-opening both stores on Monday, May 11, 2020, on a limited basis. The following is a short version of our re-opening plans. See the long version of this document.

  • Curbside pickup is still available and preferred. Shop us online, and pick up at the store!
  • Delivery by USPS and UPS will continue for customers who choose to stay home.
  • Children 5 years and under may not enter the store at this time. We’ll see them soon!
  • Hours will initially be limited, and vary according to staff availability.
  • Only the retail space will open initially, with a limit of 3-5 customers at a time.
  • Masks must be worn. No ifs, ands, or buts! Masks must be non-vented and fit properly.
  • No mask? We’ll provide one or you can order online from your car.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available. Please use it, but do so judiciously, so it lasts.
  • Other safety measures, including an acrylic sneeze guard, will be implemented.
  • The play space will remain closed until it is safe to open.
  • Staff will be screened daily before beginning work.
  • Credit card purchases are preferred over cash.
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.
  • The checkout counter will be wiped down between each customer
  • All trading card “singles” purchases (Magic/Pokémon) must be made by customer-provided list (or online, when available), and the cards pulled by a staff member.
  • We will be buying (and eventually selling) pre-owned video games and consoles!
  • Any purchases by the store of pre-owned cards and video games or consoles will follow a strict quarantine schedule.
  • Customers exhibiting any signs of illness will be asked to leave immediately.