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Educational Dice

We offer a number of educational dice and counting cubes, including many from Koplow Games. If we don’t have the specific dice you’re looking for, we may be able to special order them. Are you a part of a homeschool family or a traditional school teacher? Drop in and ask about our specials for educators.

Some of the dice we offer or can order include, but are not limited to, the following:

“Where Are You?” Geographical Dice

Where Are You? Geographical Dice

This set of educational dice is great for improving geographical knowledge, as well as stimulating imagination and creativity. Roll all five dice, and you’ll be on one of the seven continents, in one month of the year, on one day of the week, at one hour of the day, and facing in one direction. Where are you? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What are your surroundings?

Blank Polyhedral Dice

Koplow Blank Polyhedral Dice Tube

Blank dice come in both “regular” and Jumbo sizes. You may purchase them by the set of 6 (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), or individually. The possibilities for the use of these dice is endless. Some examples include: customizing them for a one-time or ongoing school lesson; creating a random magic die as a Dungeon Master; using them as counters in a made-up game; etc. Our favorite use at The Relentless Dragon is our “food die”–when we can’t decide where to go for lunch, out comes the food die, with different restaurants listed on each side (re-rolls are permitted!).

We recommend writing on and applying matte stickers (such as cut up Avery mailing labels) for long-term customization, as even Sharpie tends to be quickly worn off blank dice during use. Labels usually peel off fairly easily (or with a little Goo Gone) for your next customization project!


Color Spot Dice

Koplow Color Spot Dice

These 22-millimeter dice are larger than typical gaming dice, so they can be used by younger (well-supervised) hands. They can also be seen from a greater distance, so use in a group environment where a team of players is gathered around a table is possible.

Color Word Dice

Koplow Color Word Dice

A step up the educational ladder, these color word dice can be used with the color spot dice to teach sight words, used to teach second languages, or in any of a number of other situations.

Math Operator Dice

Math Operator Dice

Turn math drills into a game!

Logic Word Dice

Logic Word Dice

Throw some inequalities into the mix!

Money Dice

Money Dice

Make learning about U.S. currency denominations fun. Euro dice exist, as well!

Colored Shape Dice

Colored Shapes Dice

Step up from plain colored spots to various colored shapes!

And more!

So many more educational dice exist, including Alphabet dice, Vowel dice, Compass dice, foam dice for little ones (or quiet classrooms!), non-English dice, etc.