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Magic: Phyrexia: All WIll Be One Prerelease Events

Return to the former plane of Mirrodin, now known as New Phyrexia, where the Phyrexians are preparing for an all-out invasion of the multiverse! Kick off the release of Phyrexia: All Will Be One in style with exclusive pre-release events a full week prior to set release. Magic Prerelease events allow you to play with […] Continue reading »

Magic: The Brothers’ War Prerelease Events

Return to the original conflict in Magic–the Brother’s War! Choose your side–will you join Urza, the artificer, as he attempts to save his brother Mishra from Phyrexian influence, or will you choose Mishra, who becomes a pawn of the Phyrexian invasion?   Magic Prerelease events allow you to play with the latest Magic set. Prerelease […] Continue reading »

Magic: Dominaria United Prerelease Events — CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to issues outside of our control, we have to cancel these prerelease events.  Refunds have been issued for any pre-paid pre-registrations. We apologize for the disappointment!     After a long, dry summer, Magic prereleases are back with a bang! Return to Magic’s original plane–Dominaria!   Kick off the release of Dominaria United […] Continue reading »

Pokemon Astral Radiance Prerelease

Celebrate the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield: Astral Radiance with a Sealed Deck prerelease event! Date: Saturday May 21st Time: 12:00 PM (noon) Entry Fee: $30 Players will receive a Build and Battle box at the beginning of the event. This box will be used to construct a 40-card deck. Energy cards will be […] Continue reading »