Pokémon League – Trading Card Game


Pokémon League on Saturdays!

Welcome to the Relentless Dragon Pokémon League! Official League play is from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Saturday. Players are welcome to come by for the entire time or only a portion of the time. Our league is growing due to the wonderful efforts of our league leaders. League leaders are on-site during the entire league time to help facilitate games, deck-building, and just general Pokémon fun!

What is a Pokémon League?
A Pokémon League is a free, casual play group officially sanctioned by Pokémon, USA, inc. Being a casual event, a League is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in the world of the Pokémon TCG. Players will receive a card at the beginning of each League “Season” which is used to track their play within the League. Experience levels of players range from beginners to advanced players. Being a casual event, however, everyone is always willing to help out a newer player and explain the nuances of the game. Current player ages run from 7 years old to 25+!

How much does Pokémon League Cost?
Pokémon League at The Relentless Dragon is FREE to play on Saturdays between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Occasionally, we host League Challenge events, which cost $5.

Are there any prizes for League play?
Players will receive marks on their league card for each game played. When they receive a set number of marks they will receive a special foil promotional card. There are two different promo cards for each league “season” which lasts approximately a month.

What about parents?
Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their older kids for the League. Parents who stay are welcome to play or learn Pokémon or even to sit and do other activities. Free Wi-Fi is always available, so feel free to bring a laptop or tablet (you’ll need to ask a store employee for the Wi-Fi password). There are also numerous restaurants in the area where you can enjoy a meal while your kids play.

What if my child doesn’t know how to play?
If you or your child doesn’t know how to play the game there will be ample opportunity to learn! The league organizers can teach kids and their parents how to play. If you don’t have a deck there are some available to borrow for the purposes of learning. League is a great time to come in and finally learn how to play the game!

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