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We’re Moving on November 15!

This post is at least a year old. Please take that into consideration when reading it.

We are excited to announce that on November 15 we’ll be moving from our current location at 493 Amherst St., in Nashua, NH. We will be moving only a few hundred feet down the road to 483 Amherst Street. The new store is right next door to Subway.

The new store is larger than the current store, allowing us to spread things out more and bring in additional product lines. The gaming area will now seat 50 comfortably and there will be more room to seat additional people for special events. The gaming area also has a beautiful Samsung LCD TV for streaming various gaming coverage.

While there are fewer parking spots directly in front of the store, there is an additional parking lot on the left side of the building. Please feel free to use either lot for parking.

Follow our build-out on Facebook to see photos of the new store as it progresses. We’ve already patched and painted all of the walls and assembled our new furniture fixtures. The next step is to install the slatwall in the retail area of the store and to move things into their final layout.

The 493 location will be open until November 15th to serve your gaming needs. You may see non-critical things disappear, such as artwork from the walls, but the store will be fully functional with all product and tournament capabilities until moving day.