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Warhammer 40k Terrain – Deathworld Forest

Deathworld Forest

Initial Release

In February 2017 Games Workshop introduced a brand new set of terrain unlike anything that had been seen in Warhammer–the Deathworld Forest.  This set of alien-looking plants were originally introduced for Warhammer 40k, but were later given rules in White Dwarf Magazine for use in games of Age of Sigmar. 

The Deathworld Forest kit contained 84 plastic components needed to build 12 pieces of alien terrain.  The set contained:

The original Deathworld Forest box was only available for a short period of time and retailed for $130 USD.  In the initial announcement it was stated that the grappleweed would be exclusive to this boxed set and not available elsewhere.

There was a lot of initial criticism of the concept, the price, and the physical kit itself.  As for concept, some reviewers likened the terrain to cheap aquarium decoration.  With regards to the actual kit, it was very obviously not made in GW’s normal production facility in England.  It was rumored that these kits were manufactured in a facility in China.  Rather than including the components on sprue like most plastic kits, each piece was pre-cut from the runner with the smaller parts included in small heat-sealed bags.  Pieces were very chunky with massive mold lines and ejection pin marks, not to mention the nubs where pieces were roughly cut from the original sprues.  Many people also reported issues using plastic cement due to the sheer thickness and weight of the pieces.


These 2 pieces of terrain represented plants that could move themselves across the battlefield.  They were initially exclusive to the large limited-release Deathworld Forest boxed set.

Individual Kits

In August 2017 it was announced that various parts of the full Deathworld Forest would be released as individual boxes, with the exception of the exclusive grappleweed. 

Eldritch Ruins

The Eldritch Ruins are the two largest pieces in the range.  Each one depicts a Barbed Venomgorse plant entwined around an ancient piece of Aeldari wraithbone ruins.  Like the other Barbed Venomgorse the foliage parts of the trees are interchangeable.

Barbed Venomgorse

The Barbed Venomgorse resemble mangrove or other swamp dwelling trees, with widely spaced roots that can actually hide miniatures inside.  The bark of the trees are molded with extra details such as shelf mushrooms and vines.  The interchangeable foliage parts are supposed to represent the 3 different life cycles of the tree–from mesh-like leaves, to diamond-like buds, to fleshy flowers. 

Shardwrack Spines

The shardwrack spines more resemble spiky crystalline growths than actual plants.  They come in both large and small base sizes.  The bases of the terrain pieces had many hidden details, such as skulls intertwined throughout the roots.

Killzone Death World Forest (2018 Rerelease)

In 2018 the various parts of the Deathworld Forest line were rereleased in various Kill Team (2nd Edition) products. 

The Eldritch Ruins were included in The Slicing Noose, a kill team box for the Drukhari faction, while the Barbed Venomgorse were included in Kill Team Mordelai box, a kill team for the Deathwatch faction.

The full set of terrain, including the previously exclusive grappleweed, was released in a Killzone box.  Interestingly and without explanation, the name was changed from Deathworld Forest to Death World Forest.

“The Death World Forest Killzone Environment is an expansion for Kill Team – in the packed box, you’ll find a gameboard, scenery, and exclusive rules that use the unique nature of Death World Forest terrain to introduce dangerous new missions and powerful effects to your games. Included: