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Pokemon League Cup – April 2024

Pokemon League Cup – April 2024

Date: Saturday, April 27th 2024

Registration time: 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Event Start time: 3:00 pm

Format: Standard

Entrance Fee: $20.00
Each player will need to submit a deck list prior to round 1 pairings. Blank lists will be available on site. A link to a printable deck list can be found here:
The event will be run in the Standard format.  See for more information on rotation in Standard for 2024.
There will be a number of Swiss rounds + a top cut based on attendance. Rounds will be 30 minutes, best of 1 format. Top cut rounds will be 60 minutes each, best of 3 format.
Prizes: Prizes will be in the form of Pokemon Booster packs. 4 packs will be added to the prize pool per participant. Additional Pokemon Play Promo Packs will be added to the pool as well.
Pokémon TCG League Cup tournaments are smaller events that give players an opportunity to earn Play! Points and practice their skills for larger competitions. League Cup events do not require an invitation or qualification. All players are welcome to participate. Players need to bring their own 60-card deck, dice and status markers.