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Magic Celebration: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth

Celebrate Magic and the Lord of the Rings with a special casual event that is accessible to players of all skill levels!
Saturday, July 8th at Noon
Every participant will get two Lord of the Rings Jumpstart boosters–shuffle them together to build an instant 40-card deck with which to play.
Every participant will receive a special burgundy dice bag and a set of 3 custom six-sided dice (while supplies last).
Bring a friend and each of you will receive a special Thought Vessel promo card!
Each participant will also unlock a special LOTR pre-constructed theme deck on Magic Arena.
Important Note: In order to qualify for any of the prizes, players MUST have a Wizard Account and register for the event using the MTG Companion app. If you don’t have a Wizards account, head over to and create one prior to the event.
The cost of the event is $15.