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Kaladesh Prerelease Events

WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Kaladesh Banner

Event Date: September 24, 2016 WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Event Start Time: 12:01 a.m.

Event End Time: Unspecified (perhaps due to variability)

Event Cost: $26

Saturday and Sunday 9/24-9/25

Kaladesh is the latest set for Magic: the Gathering, and the first set in the new Kaladesh block. Kaladesh introduces the home plane of planeswalker Chandra Nalar. Kaladesh has been hinted at in previous sets, but this is the first set to fully explore this plane of artifacts, tinkerers, and artificers. Kaladesh has a strong artifact theme and introduces new mechanics in the form of energy counters and vehicles. It also establishes a special set of “Masterpieces” similar to Zendikar Expeditions. This extremely rare sub-set of cards consists of 30 artifacts–from classic cards that have become staples in Commander to all-new cards from Kaladesh.

Magic Pre-Release events allow you to play with the latest Magic set before it releases to the general public. Pre-Release events are fun, casual tournaments designed for all skill levels.

This is a sealed deck event where each player will receive a special kit containing six Kaladesh packs, a promo card, and a spindown life counter. Continuing in this set, ANY rare or mythic rare can appear as a date-stamped promo card! Each player builds a 40 card minimum deck from the cards in their kit and basic lands (bring your own or use ours).

There are four separate events throughout the weekend. Sealed deck at midnight Saturday, Sealed deck at 11AM Saturday, Two-Headed Giant Sealed at 4PM on Saturday, and Sealed deck at 11:00AM on Sunday.

Pre-registration (at the store or over the phone) is STRONGLY recommended. Pre-Release events are very popular and have sold out before. Avoid disappointment and pre-register early!

In addition to guaranteeing your spot in the event, pre-registering and pre-paying will give you TWO entries into the door prize giveaway. Pre-register and pre-pay for 3 total events across the weekend and receive THREE door prize tickets per event! Door prizes will vary by event, but the grand prize will be a copy of From the Vault: Lore.

The cost to play is $26.

There will be 4 total swiss rounds (3 rounds for 2-Headed Giant) with prize payouts based on your overall record in the event. In addition, each player who wins a round will get a free draw from our special Promo Board of Mystery! The Board of Mystery will be seeded with lots of promos from previous releases, including some very special surprises!

Pre-releases are casual, fun events where you get the opportunity to play with the new set’s cards before they release. If you’ve never attended a tournament before, this is a great way to get involved with no pressure!