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Android: Netrunner Store Championships – December 3rd

WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Netrunner Store Championships Banner

Event Date: December 3, 2016 WARNING! This event is in the past!!

Event Start Time: 12:00 p.m.

Event End Time: Unspecified (perhaps due to variability)

Event Cost: $10

Join us for our 2016 Android: Netrunner Store Championships!

Date: Saturday December 3rd
Time: Registration begins at 11AM and the event will begin at Noon.
Cost: $10



Top 32 – The top thirty-two players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Pad Campaign” – an easy, hands-off investment that can pay for itself…If you can protect it.
Top 8 – The top eight players will each receive a deckbox to hold your assets and hardware in.
Top 4 – The top four players will each receive a playmat depicting some Anarchs ready to run amok.
Top 2 – The top two players will each receive a printed acrylic token to be used with the card “Femme Fatale”.

First Place – The winner will receive a color printed plaque and a first round bye (not pictured) to a 2017 Android: Netrunner Regional Championship of their choice!

Additional prizes will be awarded in the form of store credit based on total event attendance.

For more information on Netrunner Store Championships, see the following page: