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D20 Sale – December 20

This post is at least a year old. Please take that into consideration when reading it.

We will be holding our first annual d20 sale this Sunday, 12/20.

What is a d20 sale? At check-out, everyone will have the opportunity to roll a single d20. The number you roll is the discount you receive off of your total order! Roll an 8, get 8% off. Roll a 15, get 15% off. Roll a 20 and get 20% off!

Subscribers to our email newsletter also received a special coupon that can be used to roll two d20s and take the higher of the two rolls! Not a subscriber? You can sign-up from our home page, or even from the “Email Newsletter Signup” tab here on our Facebook page.

Fine Print: Items which are already discounted cannot gain an additional discount from the d20, and purchase of new gift certificates are also excluded from discounts.