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Age of Sigmar 2.0 Release Celebration

This post is at least a year old. Please take that into consideration when reading it.

Age of Sigmar 2.0 Release Celebration Banner

In the Realm of Shyish, Nagash, the god of death, begins his preparations to make war upon the God-King Sigmar.  For Nagash sees Sigmar as a soul-thief, stealing what rightfully belongs to Nagash, in order to forge his Stormcast Eternals.  Every soul stolen by Sigmar is a soul that Nagash cannot use for his innumerable undead armies.  The Soul Wars are about to begin…

The worldwide release of Age of Sigmar 2nd edition is tomorrow, June 30th, 2018!

Join us for a release celebration at our Londonderry store. All of the new releases, from the amazing Soul Wars boxed set, to the new plastic kits, will be available for purchase.

The new edition of Age of Sigmar is an evolution of the existing game, bringing changes to further strengthen and balance the game.

If you’ve never played Age of Sigmar before and are curious about the game, this event is a perfect opportunity to play a demo and learn about the game, it’s factions, and lore.

Participants will receive a FREE push-fit Stormcast Liberator model, while supplies last. Want to learn how to paint or to take your painting to the next level? We can help!

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