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The Pokémon trading card game is nearly twenty years old, and more popular than ever before!

When you play, you assume the role of a Pokémon trainer and use your Pokémon to battle your opponents’ Pokémon.  Players assemble a 60-card deck composed of a mix of Pokémon, Trainer cards, and Energy.  Play your Pokémon to the field and have them attack your opponent’s Pokémon.  When a Pokémon has taken enough damage it is knocked out, which allows you to draw one of your Prize cards.  Draw all six of your Prize cards before your opponent, and you win!

Pokémon come in many different ‘types’, representing the energy needed to power up their attacks.  Players must play Energy cards from their hand to power up their Pokémon’s attacks.  Players can also use the Trainer cards in their decks to do various things.  Some Trainer cards represent common items found in the world of Pokémon, including healing potions, fishing rods, bicycles, as well as the various iconic PokéBalls which are used to search your deck for specific Pokémon.  Other Trainer cards represent the supporting characters found throughout the world of Pokémon, including Professor Sycamore, Skyla, N, and more.

Decks can be built to fit into one of several different formats.  Many players will start out playing a casual format, where they include any cards in their decks that they enjoy.  As players become more advanced they may be interested in specializing in one of two supported formats in order to play in Organized Play events.  The Standard format is a rotating format that comprises the most recent Pokémon sets.  Standard rotated in September of 2016 and currently includes Pokémon XY sets from Primal Clash through the current Sun and Moon sets.  The Expanded format is also a rotating format, but Expanded rotation occurs much less frequently than Standard.  The current Expanded sets include the entire Black and White series, through XY Series, and into the current Sun and Moon sets.

The Relentless Dragon carries the full line of Pokémon Trading Card Game products, from Booster Packs to Elite Trainer Boxes, Theme Decks to Tins, and everything in-between!


Booster packs are the core product of the Pokémon TCG line.  New sets are released approximately once per quarter, and each contain 10 cards and a code card for the Pokémon Online TCG.  Packs are guaranteed to contain a rare or better, as well as one holo or reverse-holo card.

Elite Trainer Boxes make great gifts–each box contains 8 Pokémon TCG booster packs, a package of 45 energy cards, 65 themed card sleeves, a tournament legal coin-flip die, dice to use as damage counters, burn, poison, and GX markers, a set collectors guide, and a sturdy storage box!