Magic Celebration


Magic Celebration is a casual limited-format tournament that is completely free to all participants! This is the second year that Celebration is running. Last year’s event was a huge success and was a lot of fun for all participants.

Celebration is run in the “Mini-Masters” format, also known as Pack Wars. Each player will receive one free booster of M13. Without looking at the contents (while still removing the basic land and token), shuffle in 3 copies of each basic land. Players who win their round will receive a 2nd booster pack to add to their deck. At this point, players can modify and customize their deck to create a 40-card deck by adding or removing cards or land. 3 total rounds will be played, giving players the opportunity to receive up to 4 free M13 booster packs.

Magic Celebration is intended to be a casual, fun tournament to introduce new players to Magic and playing in events. Sign-ups begin at 11AM and the event will begin at noon. There is no cost to join and play.