Alliances Boosters in Stock!

alliances_boosterboxWe have received a very limited supply of booster boxes of the Alliances expansion from 1996! Alliances was a small expansion, the 2nd set in the Ice Age block. Alliances followed the less-than-stellar Homelands expansion and was considered to have been underprinted. What is the appeal of Alliances to current Magic players? First and foremost a card called Force of Will! The rise of the EDH/Commander format has also seen a rise in popularity and price of other cards from the set, including Thawing Glaciers and Lake of the Dead.

These boosters are HOT and won’t be in-stock long. The last time we had Alliances in stock (2 boxes worth) they sold out completely within 10 business hours. Drop by the store today to pick up your packs!