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Magic: the Gathering Promo Pack Prizing Structure

Recent changes by Wizards of the Coast have introduced Promo Packs, a new concept in prizing for Magic events.  The following FAQ should help to answer questions about how Promo Packs are awarded at events.

What are Promo Packs?

With the release of Core Set 2020, Wizards of the Coast will no longer be providing individual promo cards for events like Friday Night Magic, Draft Weekend, etc. Instead, stores will be given a number of promo packs to hand out to players. Promo packs come in both regular and premium (foil) versions.

How do I earn Promo Packs?

Promo packs are earned by playing in events! Promo packs will only be used as prizing for Standard, Sealed, and Draft events. These packs will supplement any additional prizing for the event.

Why only those types of events?

The reasoning behind this is a result of the way Wizards of the Coast calculates store performance metrics. These metrics are important for stores (and thus, players) as they determine the future allocation of promo packs for the upcoming play seasons. Only the aforementioned three types of events count towards “engaged players,” a key component of WOTC’s metrics.

What the heck is an “engaged player”?

To quote Wizards of the Coast, “Engaged Players are players that join six or more events at your store in a rolling calendar year in Standard, Draft, and Sealed.”

How many promo packs will there be per event?

Once an event kicks off with 8 players, a promo pack will be added to the prize pool. For every six additional players in that event, an additional promo pack will be added to the pool. The more players, the more chance for receiving promo packs! For FNM events, an additional promo pack will be added to the pool on top of any packs for total player count.

How will these packs be awarded?

Packs will be awarded to players who go 3-0 in the event. When there are more promo packs in the pool than 3-0 players, the additional packs will be randomly awarded to other players with less than a 3-0 record. This way, everyone has a chance to win a promo pack, despite their performance in the event.

What about the premium promo packs?

Premium packs are provided to stores at a roughly 1:4 ratio. Groups of 5 packs (4 regular, 1 premium) will be added to an opaque container and drawn from there. Multiple pack groupings will be added at a time, providing a random chance that multiple premium packs might be drawn and awarded.

Can you give an example of how that might work?

Just prior to the start of Core Set 2020 season, 3 groups of 5 packs will be added to the prize pool container. At the start, this will mean there are 12 regular promo packs and 3 premium promo packs in the prize pool.

An FNM draft event fires with a total of 32 players. As a result, 6 total packs will be awarded that night (1 for 8 initial players, 4 for each additional 6 players, and 1 for the fact that it is FNM). Those packs will be awarded by random draw from the prize pool.

What if all of those drawn packs are regular packs?

Then the chances of winning a premium pack in the next event just got better!

What about the reverse then? All premium packs were drawn?

We will continue to reseed the prize pool in groupings of 5 packs regularly as the pool thins out, so don’t worry, there will always be a chance to win premium packs.

What about opening promo packs and awarding individual cards to spread the prize structure?

While that is technically allowed under WOTC’s prizing guidelines, the Relentless Dragon prefers to keep promo packs sealed for the sake of event integrity and transparency. We feel that this is the fairest method of distribution of these packs, even if it favors prizing one person with a pack over several people with individual cards from that pack.