Dominion Deck Building Game

The Relentless Dragon carries the full line of Dominion games and supplements by Rio Grande Games. We also carry numerous styles and brands of card sleeves to protect your investment. Never played before but want to learn? We’d be happy to introduce you to the game. We have store copies of Dominion, Seaside, and a few other expansions for use in demos or open play.


dominionDominion is the original deck-building game, premiering in October of 2008. The game is extremely simple to learn, relatively quick to play, and has massive replay value. The base game, shown to the right, contains 500 game cards which can be stored in the custom plastic tray inside the box. Nothing else is needed to play the game, although card sleeves are recommended to maximize your investment in the game. In addition to the basic victory cards and resource cards (copper, silver, gold), the game contains 25 sets of kingdom cards. Each game is played using 10 sets of kingdom cards which can be chosen by the players or randomly determined using the provided ‘randomizer deck.’

Dominion: Intrigue

dominion_intrigueDominion: Intrigue was released in July 2009. This is the first expansion to the base Dominion game, but can also be used on its own as a standalone game. Like the original set, Intrigue includes 500 cards comprising the standard victory cards, resource cards, and 25 new sets of kingdom cards. Combining Intrigue with the original set allows for games of up to 6 players at one table, or 8 players at two tables. Dominion: Intrigue addresses an early concern with the original Dominion game about lack of player interaction by introducing a number of kingdom cards that require the players at a table to interact with each other.

Dominion: Seaside

dominion_seasideDominion: Seaside is a large expansion to Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue released in October 2009. Seaside has a strong medieval nautical theme, adding 26 new sets of kingdom cards to the game. Being strictly an expansion, basic victory and resource cards are not provided in the box and either Dominion or Intrigue is needed to play. Seaside adds an additional game play element by making your next turn more important. Some cards will do something this turn and the next, others will simply help you set up for an amazing next turn. In addition to the 26 sets of kingdom cards, Seaside also includes player mats, tokens, and coins used by various cards.

Dominion: Alchemy

dominion_alchemyDominion: Alchemy was released in May 2010 and is the first ‘small expansion’ for the game of Dominion, comprising 150 cards. Alchemy introduces 12 new sets of kingdom cards for Dominion and requires either the original set or Intrigue to play. The main theme of Alchemy is the introduction of a new resource card, the potion, which in addition to the standard copper, silver, or gold, is necessary to purchase many of the new kingdom cards in the expansion. The extra expense though, is well worth it, as the new kingdom cards can prove to be quite powerful!

Dominion: Prosperity

dominion_prosperityDominion: Prosperity is a large expansion for Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue, released in October 2010. Prosperity adds 300 additional cards to Dominion, including 25 new kingdom cards, a new victory card, and a new resource card—platinum. As the name implies, Prosperity is all about wealth. Many of the new kingdom cards have high costs, but the introduction of platinum helps players get to those large purchases. In addition to the cards, this box also includes player mats, victory point tokens, and coins.

Dominion: Cornucopia

dominion_cornucopiaDominion: Cornucopia is a small expansion, and is the 5th overall expansion in the Dominion line. Cornucopia was released in June 2011. Cornucopia adds 150 cards to the game, including 13 new sets of kingdom cards and 5 unique cards. The theme of Cornucopia, if it could be said to have one, is variety. This expansion adds a variety of things to Dominion game play, including a kingdom card that rewards you for having a variety of different cards in your deck! Similar to Intrigue, this set also tries to add an additional element of player interaction to the game.

Dominion: Hinterlands

dominion-hinterlandsDominion: Hinterlands is the sixth expansion for Dominion, released in October 2011. Hinterlands adds 300 total new cards across 26 sets of kingdom cards. These cards comprise 20 actions, 3 treasures, and 3 victory cards. Hinterlands explores the strange wilderness areas beyond the borders of your kingdom. This expansion’s theme is cards that do something immediately when you buy them or gain them.

Dominion: Dark Ages

dominion_darkagesDominion: Dark Ages, released in August 2012, is a large expansion to Dominion, and the 7th overall expansion in the series. Dark Ages adds 500 total cards across 35 sets of kingdom cards. It includes new “bad cards” you give to other players (Ruins), new cards to replace starting Estates (Shelters), and cards you can only get via specific other cards. The central themes are the trash and upgrading. There are cards that do something when trashed, cards that care about the trash, cards that upgrade themselves, and ways to upgrade other cards.

Dominion: Guilds

dominion_guildsDominion: Guilds was released in June 2013 and is the 8th expansion for the Dominion series. Guilds is a small expansion adding 150 total new cards across 13 sets of kingdom cards. Guilds introduces the themes of jobs and guilds in a medieval society to the game of Dominion. The expansion has coin tokens that you can save to spend later, and cards you can get more out of by paying extra for them.