Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, and LCG Tournaments


We have a full line-up of Star Wars related events coming up over the next couple of months.

On Saturday April 25th we will be hosting a Star Wars Armada tournament. Armada is the Star Wars game of large capital ship combat, pitting huge Imperial Star Destroyers against Rebel Mon Calamari cruisers while smaller escorts and frigates battle it out with waves of fighters. The event begins at 11AM and is only $10 to enter!


The next event is an X-Wing tournament on Sunday May 3rd. This event is officially supported with Fantasy Flight’s Spring 2015 tournament kit for X-Wing. Win alternate-art pilot cards, acrylic tokens and templates, or cool dice bags.

We are also hosting an Epic-level X-Wing tournament on Saturday June 13th. This is also an officially supported event with tournament kit prizing.

Finally, we are hosting a Star Wars Living Card Game tournament on Sunday May 17th. This is also an officially supported Fantasy Flight event. The winner takes home an awesome Boushh playmat!


For more details, please check out our Facebook page!